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Erin Lee Jones


Erin Lee Jones, Untitled, 2021, Hydrocal, ink, acrylic., 32 x 23 cm


Erin Lee Jones, Untitled, 2021, hydrocal, ink, acrylic., 32 x 23 cm


Erin Lee Jones, Untitled, 2021, Hydrocal, ink, acrylic., 17.8 x 16.5 cm

Seer Crossing the River- Bed

Erin Lee Jones, Seer Crossing the River- Bed, 2018, Hydrocal, aluminum foil, rubber, burlap, fabric, acrylic., 114.9 x 52 cm

Sphinx Pranayam

Erin Lee Jones, Sphinx Pranayam, 2021, Hydrocal, fabric, aluminum foil, rubber, acrylic., 76.8 x 55.8 cm

Erin Lee Jones

When her mother enrolled her in Sumi-e painting class at the age of seven, Erin Lee Jones immediately fell in love with the process. “The first day we painted a fish and in just a few brush strokes you strive, not to get the likeness, but to capture the essence or spirit of the fish”. A catalytic moment that led her to a lifelong pursuit of spirit chasing through art making.

Most often considered paintings, Jones also refers to her particular art works as “sculptural monoprints”, working in reverse on a flat surface, first ‘drawing’ and sculpting with different media, and then casting each piece in hydrocal. In this multi-step process – vicious, messy – elements are lost while others are gained. The final result reveals many unexpected surprises embedded and ‘caught’ in the alchemy of casting.

Employing a range of techniques including drawing, sculpting as well as collage. The use of everyday materials such as aluminum foil, acrylics, toweling, and rubber, brings the pieces to life with varying texture and dimension. This wide range of materials combines to imbue life into original eccentric characters that truly captivate the senses; estranged beings whose persona one can only feel sympathetic to in a comical way but cannot yet quite decipher. An invitation to reflect on a unique creative process capable of transporting the viewer into a heightened state of self-questioning.

Erin Lee Jones is based in New York, NY and her work has been featured in prominent galleries such as; Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Regina Rex, New York, NY; Songs for Presidents, Ridgewood, NY; and Alleyoop Projects, New York, NY.